Birthday Wishes – Let Us Put The Words On Your Card

Birthday Wishes

How many times have you found yourself staring at a birthday card yet had no idea what to write? Or, trying to send somebody a birthday SMS yet being lost for words? We know that your friend, relative, partner or colleague is important to you, however sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what you’re trying to say to them.

At Birthday Wishes, we believe that it is important to use every opportunity you can to tell people exactly what they mean to you. Birthdays are an excellent time to do this! Everybody treasures birthday wishes and many people keep birthday cards to look back on over the years. Including a personal, well thought out message in your card will let that someone special know just how you feel about them, brightening their day and strengthening your relationship.

We Have A Message For Every Occasion And Relationship

To help you include the perfect message in your birthday card, we have compiled an extensive list of birthday wishes for all occasions, all relationships, and all age groups. Either use our messages as they are or take inspiration from them to build your own message. Our birthday wishes fall into a broad range of categories for your convenience:

  • Belated birthday wishes, for the birthday you may have forgotten
  • Best birthday wishes, containing our most popular and clever wishes
  • Ideas that you can build upon to create special birthday wishes
  • SMS birthday messages that you can text to the celebrant at your convenience
  • Famous quotes –find the most relevant quote for your friend or relative
  • Funny or happy messages for a light hearted birthday wish
  • Messages full of love, to ensure the celebrant knows how you feel about them
  • Religious messages for a heartfelt birthday wish
  • Sexy messages for that someone special
  • Short messages, great for group birthday cards where space may be limited
  • And thankful birthday wishes, the perfect way to let someone know how much you appreciate everything they do.

Regardless of the occasion, we are bound to have a message that suits your needs. So take your time, have a look, and find the message that says exactly what you’ve been trying to write all day!

We also offer age specific categories including all the usual milestones, and relationship specific categories to provide you with suitable birthday wishes for all of the following people:

  • Your boss or colleagues
  • Your boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Your brother or sister
  • Your cousin, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew
  • Your Mom or Dad
  • Your daughter or son
  • Your husband or wife
  • Your closest friend
  • And more!

Our extensive range of birthday wishes is guaranteed to contain a wish perfectly suited to your needs. Don’t assume that the people around you know exactly how you feel about them – say it with a birthday wish from Birthday Wishes!

Contact us today to learn more about the services that we offer and how we can make sure that the special person in your life receives birthday wishes that convey the true message that’s in your heart.